Be Part of Figure Skaters' Favorites II - More Recipes From Figure Skaters Around the World!

Volume II is currently being created and expected to be available in late October or early November, 2019.   I would love to include as many skaters, coaches, officials, and members of the figure skating community as possible!  

Even if you don’t cook yourself, how about asking a family member for the recipe to that favorite dish your family enjoys for holidays or special events?   Is there a special recipe that has been handed down in your family?   You are welcome to contribute as many recipes as you would like.  If you were part of Volume I, we would love to have you participate in Volume II as well!  

To submit a recipe, you can use our website form or email your recipe to Be sure to note the recipe reminders below when submitting your recipe. 

  • Please include a brief biographical paragraph or two about your skating career or connection to skating.  The cookbook will include a brief biography of each contributor.  
  • You are welcome (and encouraged!) to include a brief note (up to 370 characters) telling why the recipe is one of your favorites. (Ex:  My grandmother used to make this for me when I came home from skating practice.  I always looked forward to this tasty dish after a busy day at the rink.)   Notes like these make the cookbook interesting and fun!
  • Feel free to include a photo of yourself – either on or off the ice.  Photos will not be included in the cookbook, but will be used on the Figure Skaters’ Favorites website and Facebook Page.  You are welcome to submit more than one photo if you would like.

Deadline for submissions is September 15, 2019.

Pleae share this information with your skating friends and colleagues.  Everyone who is involved with the skating community is invited to participate.  Since I don’t have contact information for everyone in the skating communtiy, it will help greatly if you would ahre the information and encourage your skating friends to participate.  

Be sure to check back often for updates on the cookbook project.  We will be posting updates on this website as well as our Facebook Page.

Volume I was sanctioned by US Figure Skating.  I am in the process of submitting an ESCA form and Sanction Application to US Figure Skating for Volume II and anticipate having the sanction approved prior to sending the book to print.

If you would like to reserve a copy of Volume I (reprints are due this fall) or Volume II (expected to be published this fall), you can do so using our Cookbook Reservation Form.

If you have any questions, you are welcome to contact me at  

Thank you so much for participating in this exciting and fun project.  I look forward to seeing everyone’s recipes!  

Think Rink!

Michelle Capron

10% of the profits from Volume II will be donated to the US Figure Skating Memorial Fund, which provides funding to qualified skaters.  100% of the donations to the Memorial Fund go to skaters who meet competitive, financial and academic criteria. 

Click Here more information about the US Figure Skating Memorial Fund.

General Recipe Reminders

  • List ingredients (in order of use) before the directions to the recipe.
  • Be sure to include container sizes, such as 2 (8-oz) cans, 1 (14-oz) pkg.
  • Be sure to include any applicable temperatures and baking/cooking/chilling times.

Standard Abbreviations 

Carton – ctn.Large – lg.Pint – pt.Tablespoon – T.
Cup – c.Medium – med.Pound – lb.Teaspoon – tsp.
Dozen – doz.Optional – opt.Quart – qt. 
Envelope – env.Ounce – oz.Regular – reg. 
Gallon – gal.Package – pkg.Small – sm.