Here are just some of the comments received about Volume I.

“It’s an unbelievable job you have put together; the book has exceeded all my expectations…VERY WELL done.”  – Tina Hegner Boyce

“Got my book!  Awesome!  Thanks so much!  – Susan Buckley Withrow

“…the cookbooks arrived this morning.  They look terrific…” – Elaine Button

“This is not like a fundraiser or ‘church’ cookbook.  We gave it to our daughter for Christmas, and we were very impressed at what a nice book it really is.” – Andrea Seccia Hoffman

“It certainly is a beautifully done cookbook, extremely professional” – Donna Slack

“Congratulations…to GFFSC.  Just got my cookbook and it is great.  So many good  recipes…” – Audrey Weisiger 

“…the cookbook came today and it is beautiful.” –  Naomi Syken

“Got my cookbooks!  Thank you – they look awesome! Congratulations!” – Doug Mattis

“Just got my book today.  Very well done.”  – Carla Schulz-Oyster

“I got two copies in the mail yesterday… I just want to tell you how wonderful they are…. They are exquisite, perfect Christmas presents too! “ – Elizabeth Saporito

“What a wonderful job on the collection of recipes.  I received mine today and it was fun going through, and the presentation is great.” – Alana Wilson Kelton

“The cookbooks arrived this morning.  They look terrific….” – Heather Green